Getting Started

Welcome to Vocalbums documentation!

Voculbums is a digital platform that matches voice artists with audiovisual production teams. Whether you're an artist or you're looking for vocal talent for your projects, the best way to get the most out of Vocalbums is to create an account.

Generally speaking, having a Vocalbums account allows you to:


  • Increase your exposure on the internet with your profile as a voice professional.
  • Show the world your skills, work and audio samples.
  • People and companies looking for vocal talent can contact you and add you to their castings through Vocalbums.
  • We automatically generate a professional business card for you to print.


  • Add over 600 voices to your own voice bank.
  • Create, manage and share your own castings with your team.
  • Contact voice professionals in your city, your country or around the world.

Dubbing directors

The dubbing director has all the functionalities of the Artist and Business accounts enabled.

Learn more about how to create a dubbing director account.

Account creation

To create your Vocalbums account, simply go to the signup page, fill out the form and confirm your email address.

Once you have verified your email address, the account creation process will begin. You will then be able to choose between an account as a voice professional (voice actor, voice over artist or singer) or a Business account (people and companies looking for vocal talent).

Choose account type
Choose account type

Professional account registration form (artist).

This is the last step to create your voice professional account. Enter your name in the registration form and we will generate a unique URL for your public profile. Next, specify your genre and click the create account button.

Voice Professional Account Registration Form
Voice Professional Account Registration Form

Business account registration form (search for vocal talent).

This is the last step to create your account as an individual or company looking for vocal talent. Enter your name in the registration form and optionally add your company name and job title. Finally, click the green button and you are ready to search for voice professionals, create castings and much more.

Business account registration form
Business account registration form

Still have questions?

If you still have questions about creating your account, feel free to contact us.