Joanna Rubio , dubbing actress, voice-over talent and singer undefined
Joanna Rubio , dubbing actress, voice-over talent and singer undefined

Joanna Rubio Dubbing actress, voice-over talent and singer

Voice typeMiddle
Age range25 - 45

About me

Soy Locutora de publicidad de TV, actriz de doblaje y cantante de publicidad



Usual voice

Not specified


Mix Joanna Rubio
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TypeSpot TVProductionMEETIC InterventionLocutora Year2022
TypeSpot TV Production Arabia Saudi ProducciónInterventionLocutora Year2022
TypeSpot Internet ProductionAmazon Music InterventionLocutoraYear2022
TypeSpot TV ProductionApple InterventionLocutora Year2020
TypeSpot TV ProductionMomondoInterventionLocutora Year2020
TypeSpot TV ProductionSkechersInterventionLocutoraYear2018
TypeGiorgio Armani ProductionSpots TV InterventionLocutora Year2009
TypeSpots Internet ProductionSave the Children InterventionLocutora Year2021
TypeSpots Internet ProductionMercedes Benz InterventionLocutora Year2021
TypeSpot TV ProductionHUAWEI P20 PRO InterventionLocutora Year2019
TypeSpot TV ProductionPIZ BUIN InterventionLocutora campaña tv Year2008
TypeTV SPOT ProductionSkechers Memory foam InterventionLocutora Year2019
TypeSpot TV ProductionUno de 50 InterventionLocutora Year2018
TypeSpot TV ProductionAdopta un Tio InterventionLocutora Year2016
TypeSpot TV ProductionPandora InterventionLocutora Year2019
TypeSpots TV y RadioProductionBASIC FIT InterventionLocutora Year2021
TypeSpot TV ProductionGame of WarInterventionLocutora campañaYear2017
TypeSpot TV ProductionBMWInterventionLocutoraYear2016
TypeSpots TV ProductionBountyInterventionLocutora Year2016
TypeSpot TV ProductionShandy Cruzcampo InterventionLocutora Year2007
TypeSpot TV ProductionComunidad Valenciana y AddecoInterventionLocutora Year2017
TypeSpot TV ProductionUberInterventionLocutora Year2020
TypeSpot TV ProductionGrouponInterventionLocutora Year2019
TypeSpots TV ProductionUnion EuropeaInterventionLocutora Year2017
TypeSpots Redes Sociales ProductionH y M InterventionLocutora Year2022
TypeVOZ DE LA MARCA ProductionPEPCO InterventionVOZ de PEPCOYear2022
TypeAnuncio Internet SPOTProductionGHANGE.ORG InterventionLocutora Year2018
TypeCASE STUDY ProductionBALLANTINES InterventionLocutora Year2018
TypeSpot INTERNET ProductionUNICEFInterventionLocutora Year2020
TypeAnuncios de TV ProductionGo Student InterventionLocutoraYear2022
TypeTrainings y videos para Internet ProductionADOBE SUITE CLOUDInterventionLocutora Year2021
TypeAsistente de Voz ProductionMAZDA InterventionLocutoraYear2019
TypeAsistente de Voz ProductionWAZE InterventionLocutora Year2019
TypeSpots TV Production3MInterventionLocutora Year2018
TypeSpots TVProductionLANCOME InterventionLocutora Year2015
TypeInternet Spots ProductionClarinsInterventionLocutora Year2019

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