We unite voice professionals with audiovisual production teams

We unite voice professionals with audiovisual production teams

Never before has it been so easy to give voice to audiovisual projects. At Vocalbums we unite directors, studios and teams from the audiovisual sector with voice professionals in a fast, simple and effective way.

I am voiceLooking for a voice
    • Updated voice samples and profiles
    • Organize and choose all the participants of a casting
    • Fast, efficient and simple
We unite voice professionals with audiovisual production teams

The platform facilitates the processes to both

The process of organizing and creating a casting requires work, organization and a large cast of professionals to whom we can offer the opportunity.


Help directors and production companies find you. Keep your profile updated with all your professional merits.

Voice samples

They will allow you to capture your work in a real way, you can also upload several with different resources.


Without having to send samples and CV, you can be selected for a casting with a single click

Prepare and organize castings

From the comfort of your office, without calls or long processes, you will be able to manage and organize your castings. In addition, you will be able to generate a link with all the casting information to send it to the entire team.

Save your favorites

From your profile you can organize the chosen professionals and save them as favorites.

More than 800 professionals to choose from

And thanks to the detailed filters of the platform you will be able to select in a very detailed way. You will definitely find the necessary talents for your project.

Why Vocalbums?

  • 01

    The whole process in Vocalbums is fast. From profile creation to uploading data and searching for professionals. That saves you time.

  • 02
    Empathy and Visibility

    Empathy because we belong to the sector and we know its weaknesses well. We wanted to facilitate communication and search between clients and voice professionals. Visibility, which Vocalbums offers to all voice professionals.

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    Streamline your selection processes. Choosing voice professionals has never been so easy. Apply all the necessary filters, choose the voice samples that fit the casting or projects and if you want, prepare your casting. Ready to send to the team.

I want to know more about Vocalbums and how it can help me

What do Vocalbums users think about us?

Ana Vidal
Vocalbums is the perfect tool for professionals in the audiovisual sector. At last we have a platform adapted to us: dubbing actors, dubbing directors, voice over talents and singers, where we ourselves can manage our actual CV, add and update work done, post videos, links to our website, etc. without having to depend on third parties. As dubbing directors, I also find it very useful and an advantage, to be able to search for voices, refresh the ones we already know, or meet the new ones that are appearing, in order to expand the range in the deliveries. I love having my professional data updated, and that it depends solely on me. I encourage everyone to join Vocalbums!
Ana Vidal

Actress and dubbing director, Barcelona


Some of the frequent doubts

We will solve here some of the most asked questions. If you have another question that is not specified here, write to us at info@vocalbums.com

What is it and what are the limitations in the launch stage?
At the launch stage we are focused on maximizing the number of artists that are part of the platform. In this period the results pages (pages where artists can be viewed and filtered) and the functions of the BUSINESS account administration panel will be disabled. Artists can create their professional profile normally and it will be public and indexed in search engines.
Vocalbums, is it free or paid?
For directors, production companies and other profiles that hire voice professionals for their clients' projects, it is free. As for voice professionals, they can choose between the free plan and paid plans.
What kind of companies or people are on the platform?
Vocalbums can be accessed by any company or professional who needs to find voice professionals for audiovisual projects. Among them are: directors, studios, creators and audiovisual production teams.
What voice professionals can I find?
At Vocalbums you will find all kinds of voice professionals. Without exclusion. Experts and veterans as well as new talents. You can search and filter by gender, age, and type of voice among others.
How does the process to find vocal talent work?
When the voice professional creates his account, he becomes visible to directors, studios, creators and audiovisual production teams. They can search for talent by applying as many filters as their project requires. Once the artists have been found, they can get their contact details or use the free casting creation tool to add them both as proposals and as a final cast.