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Make your voice visible so you can be chosen

Focus on what is truly important: refine and work your voice. Vocalbums is the perfect tool to make yourself known to thousands of companies and clients interested in hiring talents like you.

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Make your voice visible so you can be chosen

Some good reasons why you might want to have an account

Vocalbums is a platform that unites voice professionals with directors, studios, creators and audiovisual production teams.


Forget about sending emails and searching. Directors, studios, creators and audiovisual production teams in general will find you.

Variety of plans

Choose the plan with the options that best suit your needs.

Easy and intuitive

We have designed the page so that your Vocalbums experience is effective, simple and practical. It is designed by voice professionals with the same concerns and needs as you.

Voice samples

Add your favorite voice samples to your profile and change them according to your convenience. Voice samples allow you to share your work and skills so that directors, studios and audiovisual production teams can discover you. You choose what they listen to.


Your potential clients will be able to choose you without you having to contact them. They will be able to see and evaluate your profile and, if it fits with what they need, they will contact you directly.

Detailed profile

Your account allows you to specify all the details and aspects of your voice as well as your experience.

Make them see you and maintain an updated portfolio with your voice samples

Your account allows you to have visibility so that directors, studios and audiovisual production teams can find you. Once you have your profile created, you can define your data. Directors and professionals who need voices will access the platform to find what they need: your voice.

Your profile is very simple and practical to create and it will give you very good results. Behind Vocalbums there is a team of voice professionals who are aware of the needs and deficiencies that voice artists face every day.

Whether you are just starting out or are a veteran in the world of voice, this is the platform for you. You will be able to have your samples and experience filed in an orderly manner so that directors, studios and audiovisual production teams can discover your profile.


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    Create your account as a professional and verify your email address.

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    Add your entire CV. From projects completed in academies or courses to work already carried out, covers and audiovisual material. Everything that shows exactly who you are and what you are capable of doing.

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    With the free plan you can do it all. If you later want to unlock the limits of the free account, you can subscribe to the plan that best suits your needs.


We facilitate and expedite processes

The Vocalbums search engine eliminates intermediaries and inefficiencies. There is no pre-filter; companies will search directly for your profile. In addition, we wanted the experience of creating your account and working on it to be easy, intuitive and fast. Among other tools that your profile allows you can:

See your metrics
Know how many your profile has been printed on a results page and how many times it has been visited.
Upload your voice
Upload videos and / or voice samples with all your vocal resources.
Visiting card

Connect with the physical world

We think it is important to keep the people, who use your voice, updated. That is why we automatically generate a business card with a QR code that will take your customers directly to your Vocalbums profile. In this way, you will keep them updated with your voice samples and work that you publish.

What do Vocalbums users think about us?

Account Manager at dubbing studio, Barcelona
I think it is a tool that can help us all to have more knowledge of the voices that currently exist and have a broader vision of all possibilities. It will help us to have up-to-date samples. From my point of view, the approach is very good and beneficial for the profession.
Account Manager at dubbing studio, Barcelona


Frequent Doubts

We solve here some of the questions most asked. If you have another that is not specified here write to us at

Do I have to pay to create a profile?
No, creating a profile is completely free. With the free account you can create and edit your profile and have visibility on the platform and in search engines.
Are payments on Vocalbums safe?
Undoubtedly yes. For greater security and privacy of your data, Vocalbums servers do not store any sensitive data in relation to payments. All transactions are carried out through Stripe's secure payment gateway. You can pay your fee with credit card, with Google Pay or Apple Pay.
Can I cancel and change my subscription at any time?
Yes, at any time you can convert your BASIC account into a VOICE PRO or VOICE PRO + account. If you have a paid account, you can also cancel your subscription at any time from your administration panel in the section "My account settings> Manage billing"
Is the registration process complicated?
Very simple, in just 3 steps you will have your account created. If you need help, write to us at
What kind of information is most relevant to get an opportunity?
The more information your profile contains, the closer you will be to being chosen by directors, studios and production teams. All of them seek voice professionals with great precision according to the needs of each project. Do not exclude your basic data and voice samples with all your vocal registers.
Where can I go if I have a question or problem?
On the contact page or you can send an email to, we will assist you from Monday to Friday from 10 to 19