The agile search engine to find the perfect vocal talent

The agile search engine to find the perfect vocal talent

In Vocalbums you will quickly find the voice professionals for your projects. Choose the perfect cast, according to the criteria you need and at zero cost. Reduce your investment in time and money.

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The agile search engine to find the perfect vocal talent

More than 800 voice professionals waiting to be chosen for your casting

Find the talents you need with quick management and no commission. Vocalbums facilitates and eliminates intermediaries and inefficiencies. Streamline your selection processes and organize castings with precision and professional profiles.

Choose and listen

You will be able to choose and filter professionals according to the characteristics you need: sex, age, type of voice, ... You will also be able to listen to each, thanks to the voice samples.

Prepare and organize your castings

From your account you can organize all your castings in a detailed and specific way.

Link of the cast

Once you have made the preselection, a link will be generated with all the information so that you can share it with the entire production team quickly and efficiently.

Save your favorites

In your account you can save your favorite professionals so you don't have to look for them again for another casting. You'll save time.

More than 800 professionals

All of them waiting to be chosen to be part of your casting. Discover them with a single click and with 0 commission.

Without any commission

And most importantly, at zero cost.

Give more power to your voice bank

Vocalbums is not a typical voice bank. Vocalbums is the perfect extension of your own voice bank. Give your clients the variety of voices they deserve by growing your own voice bank with Vocalbums.

Get the contact details of all the artists you want.
Download all the audio samples you need.
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Discover the Social Casting

Create your Social Casting and let your own community choose the best voices for your audiovisual production. Could involving your community in such a key decision be a form of marketing? Absolutely yes

Your community will be able to vote for the best voices.
Your community will also be able to register for the castings.

From creating your private castings to giving voting power to your community

From creating your private castings, you can share them with your co-workers and you can even share them with your community, give them the option to participate and vote.





Andrea Dobrescu


17 votes

Eloy Pazos


6 votes

Victor Viedma


10 votes

Dani Albiac


19 votes

Sergio Zamora


7 votes

Darío Torrent


6 votes

Lourdes Fabrés


7 votes

Nerea Alfonso


8 votes

Gema Abad


4 votes

Behind Vocalbums there is a team of professionals from the sector

We are clear about the weaknesses and we wanted to solve them. To organize and manage a casting you need: speed, precision, efficiency and a good group of voice professionals. In Vocalbums you can select the voice professionals you need at the click of a button, save your favorites and create your castings to add to the artists. Once everything is ready, you can generate a link with all the information to share it with the rest of the team.


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What do Vocalbums users think about us?

Ana Vidal
Vocalbums is the perfect tool for professionals in the audiovisual sector. At last we have a platform adapted to us: dubbing actors, dubbing directors, voice over talents and singers, where we ourselves can manage our actual CV, add and update work done, post videos, links to our website, etc. without having to depend on third parties. As dubbing directors, I also find it very useful and an advantage, to be able to search for voices, refresh the ones we already know, or meet the new ones that are appearing, in order to expand the range in the deliveries. I love having my professional data updated, and that it depends solely on me. I encourage everyone to join Vocalbums!
Ana Vidal

Actress and dubbing director, Barcelona


Frequent Doubts

We will solve here some of the most asked questions. If you have another question that is not specified here, write to us at

Is the account for professionals looking for vocal talent free?
Yes! The account for directors, studios and audiovisual production teams is completely free. In addition, we plan to add new features in order to increase your productivity at work. Your account will always be free!
What are castings within Vocalbums?
To increase your productivity we have developed a tool so that you can create your castings and proposals for each project quickly, intuitively and safely. Your castings are yours, no artist will receive any notification for having been distributed or added as a proposal in a casting. Once you have your casting created and ready, you can share it (with or without a password) with whoever you want. Only people who have the link and password (if you've added a password) will have access to the casting.
Can I select the voice sample of the selected artist for casting?
Yes, and you can even add the voice sample that you consider appropriate for the project for which you have selected it. You can even cast professionals and artists who are not part of Vocalbums.
What is the favorites list?
We have created the favorites list so that you do not have to always search for your favorite artists. With a simple click you add them to the list and thus you will not have to search for them again.
If I can search without having a BUSINESS account, why do I need a BUSINESS account?
It is true that you can search and discover vocal talent within Vocalbums without creating an account. But the interface of the administration panel in the BUSINESS account has been developed to facilitate the search. In addition, with your BUSINESS account you can create and share castings and manage your list of favorite voices (contacts) to have them all at hand in one place. Furthermore, the only way to access the contact information of the professionals is by having a BUSINESS account.