Translate your YouTube channel into any language

Create castings and find the best voices to translate your YouTube channel into any language

At the same time, connect with your community by involving them in the decision





Andrea Dobrescu


6 votes

Eloy Pazos


14 votes

Victor Viedma


11 votes

Dani Albiac


13 votes

Sergio Zamora


15 votes

Darío Torrent


8 votes

Lourdes Fabrés


4 votes

Nerea Alfonso


3 votes

Gema Abad


2 votes

Create new communities translating your videos

It is increasingly common to see Youtubers expanding their communities by translating all the content they produce in their native language into other languages. In this way, they generate new communities in other languages and increase their income. Our tool is designed and developed to facilitate this process of Youtubers' expansion.

Social Casting
Give the power to your community! Let your existing community choose the best voice for your new channel in another language by giving them the power to vote.
Give your community a job opportunity! Your community will be able to sign up for the casting through your public link.

Our casting creation and management tool makes it easy for you

From casting creation and setup to finding the perfect voice for each of your new channels. We provide you with all the tools to make expanding your communities quick and easy

Frictionless creation

Generate a casting for each language you want to translate your content into in an extremely fast way.

One casting, one link

Through the public casting link visitors can register and vote for the best voice.

Yours and ours

Both your own community and our community of artists will be able to access your castings, register and vote for the winner.

I want to create a new YouTube channel in another language, what do I do?

Get started already!

  • 01
    Sign up

    Create your BUSINESS account and verify your email address to activate it.

  • 02
    Create your casting

    Create your casting through the administration panel of your BUSINESS account. Enable the "Social Casting" and "Public Registration" options to allow your audience to register and vote for the winner.

  • 03
    Share the casting

    Share the casting link with your audience and encourage them to participate. They will be able to sign up for the casting and/or vote for the winner.

  • 04
    You are ready

    Both your audience and the artists that make up the Vocalbums community will be able to sign up and/or vote.